Damus app - super quick overview

here is damu's app so how to get it I got it via the Twitter link and then it there was a link to our test flight app it's not available on iOS Android but here's how it looks like the number of users is very limited yet but you just can have some idea how it works you can register and get your username you can change it later your profile picture and all of that it's it's a good chance to register now maybe you can reserve some good username and this app is built on the Noster protocol which is like an open protocol which helps to build like all these new decentralized social media apps so you have like this app and few others which are basically uh like a front-end part of this Noster decentralized back end so it's instead of like being like Twitter where it's like a normal company this app is more like a decentralized social network which has all this realized relays are basically servers which can be created by anyone as I understand and then you can just add them here maybe relays are just like a communities in Mastodon I'm not completely sure sorry everyone I'm just also exploring this app and to create an account yeah you're just going to demos and then you will get your public key and a private secret key which is your password that's that and then yeah you can just go to any person you can just follow some people you can search for some users here so if you go to post uh then you can just search for anyone you can just follow like this you can easily message or DM anyone you can go to someone's profile Pro you can copy this uh link and then uh this is basically the public key of someone and then you just easily go to that profile so that's how it works I don't know what's this lightning icon means maybe it's like cryptocurrency associated with this so yeah battery have it so you hit C plus or person replies you see messages you can search for people and then you have notifications when you create an a post it's not possible to add videos pictures gives yet it's very limited you can only add hashtags but hey this is like the first attempt to create this decentralized truly decentralized platform um so definitely give it a try

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