damus app - what is it? Full overview

in this video we're gonna go through the full overview of damus app which you can now access in the test flight app so it means that it's not yet available in the app store or Google Play Store but you can try it out in the in the test flight just to see the features and help developers to build it by while it's being developed so you can also just go to their Twitter and follow them to uncover all the updates uh what is that basically this is the charged uh okay so it's like open web3 social network that you control build on nostal protocol coming soon um it's going viral as a lot of influencers uh mentioning it like so Jack Dorsey is following it Jack Dorsey installed it on the on the home screen um and just keep tweeting about it but before going into that let's just explore what Noster is so Noster is an open protocol it's not an app it's a protocol that allows build building truly censorship resistant and decentralized social media platforms and this protocol is based on realized relies are basically servers that can be operated by anyone by opening a persistent connection with the server clients or apps can push and pull events in real time in nostril you don't need to register an account like in Bitcoin you just need a set of keys two keys to be precise public key and private key and then you just you can use a different client for the for the Noster protocol and that client will just generate the key for you so Enigma coraco astral some of the example clients uh but also then you just have a yeah this client we are talking about uh uh leg damos so as I understand damos is just like The Client app for the Noster protocol and luster protocol is just like a backhand for this new decentralized social media so yeah it can be a bit overwhelming but uh there you have it so like what can Master do Noster is a very powerful protocol to share data so it can be a Twitter alternative like and the clients can be coracle astral pranal damos nostrils telegram Enigma envelope Jester sandster so all of this uh just like clients for for this and then let's just focus on damos which is considered one of the top alternatives for Twitter because it's truly decentralized protocol and like when uh Twitter was acquired by Elon Musk Jack Dorsey tweeted that Twitter either should be a decentralized protocol like damasis or if it's not a protocol it can be led by like Elon Musk so ultimately I think the idea of the future of social media is that it kind of becomes this decentralized social media and these are the first steps of it so this is how it looks like if you install this through the test flight just like a random Twitter app you can post uh comments pause here there is no images there is no gifies or anything you can just post it like this it's very limited uh then you can like your post you can reply you can retweet boost uh and then yeah you can tap and then you can then you can follow someone like that uh so something like this uh yeah then you can just copy your username or your public key and then other people can add you like that so then you can just uh go to that profile and that's how you add friends here uh uh just by copying your public key you can also of course I think search by username and then you can just have to follow someone so this is how it works you can also DM or message someone on this app you can add some description wait let me just go through so here's your account info you can see all the relays relays are basically all these servers which you can add here uh just I think there can be unlimited I don't yet completely understand what relies exactly are but as I understand it's like decentralized servers similar as like Mastodon servers right so where you just can create all of these instances all of these communities maybe I'm completely wrong about it but yeah um then you just have your account I was just curious is it possible to change your username or your profile picture I think you set your username when you create your account and when you create your account you've been generated your public and private key which you need to save somewhere secretly especially like your private key because that's basically your password that's how you access your account uh at the moment yeah it's very like better it's in test flight so it's not like uh anywhere on the IOS app store Google Play Store It has very limited features like encrypted DMs uh search where you can follow uh users and then notifications and that's it so it's like very basic kind of MVP version of all of it I have no idea how to like edit your username how to change your profile I don't think it's available yet because that's not the point here it's just like the the first test version of the app so yeah just go through it uh Grocers are a Twitter profile download the test flight app and then you can just try it out to see to see how it works uh there are a lot of like nerds here different an art users um and all of that so it's like very first steps and then let's just go through the demos we can also go through their website to to do a bit more research for you the social network you control your very own Twitter for friends of business you're in control build an open internet protocols there is no platform that can ban Alexander your in control of your data and speech encrypted end-to-end encrypted private messaging keep big tag out of your DMs no registration required creating an account doesn't require a phone number an email or name and our servers required messages are distributed via decentralized relays no need to run any infrastructure and there are no single points of file or simple easily integrate both the optimize your life or business get notified when your servers go down rotate your team and collaborate in real time and then in future you can also earn money tip your friends posts and stack sets uh and stack sets with Bitcoin and this lightning icon I don't know is it like uh which crypto is that but the native cards of Internet uh so yeah that's just like a simple landing page here from the from the damos io team um so definitely interesting uh definitely worth to check check it out uh you can from here just in the bottom tab join the test flight better but if you tap on the App Store it goes nowhere because yep it's not yet available as an app so it's only in the test flight of course like some influencers like Jack Darcy all of that probably they just already have some like beta versions or something like that but yeah this is like super interesting concept maybe for sure is the the future of Twitter uh but who knows how it how it's gonna develop uh yeah so I don't know what else I need to add because it's still very early as I understand uh yeah you can go here and just join the damos better test flight uh super interesting and there are also of course like other clients which you can try around so I also tried so there is Enigma and I also tried coraco which is basically another client for for Noster

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