DateMyAge app - how to install & create an account

hello heroes date my edge app so let's just tap get to install it uh and yeah then you can just use your touch id or face id to install the app and here you can see that the size of the app is like 130 megabytes and this is the app uh which can help you to find friendship and low communicate in easy way see each other live share your photos and videos and this app is specifically for mature singles age 40 and over um so that's about it and there's one million plus member with real life experience um and that's so that's the niche of this app you know if you if you're not successful on tinder or bumble or badou you can try to use this app and yeah maybe it's better for you uh then you can go premium for only 24.99 per month so there you have it you have 5 900 writings 4.2 out of 5 average writing so then i can just open it up it wants to send me some notifications and that's basically it so now i have all these profiles uh and then when i installing the app i just have anonymous account so if i want to sign up i can just sign up is google email or apple and then i just continue with touch80 and then i can just sign up there so there you have it now yep there it is now you can add photos um you can add your name and all of that

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