DateMyAge app overview. How to use?

hello so here is dating app which is called date my age uh and the idea of this app is this is specifically designed for people about 40s 40s 50s 60s so yeah if you're in that edge category you can just try to use this app yep so that's and then it just works as a normal app then you can just uh yeah you can see the profile you can look in see who's this person is looking for you can start messaging you can start chatting sending gift send voice call and then also you can just send a message to reach out to people to match you which spin specific ages so you can try to do that but then of course you need to subscribe for this feature it's a premium feature and then you can get it for 24.99 per month so 50 of all purchases 20 credits on chats and emails initiate chats with 10 members read all messages use extended search let's mingle service so that's that then there are contacts so you can you have no messages yet reach out and chat with other members so you don't have contacts and then you can have emails and then this is can be just your profile so you can see your uh like credits which you can purchase if you want you can get uh 10 credits for 21.99 there are some like dating tips uh especially for this category of people you can reach out to support from here either on facebook messenger or email then in settings if you want to you can just enable push notifications and delete an account from here which is really nice that they include this option to delete your profile just inside the app you can also just hide profile if you don't want to delete your data completely or log out or turn off email notifications and then yeah from here you can also do this other things like changing passwords logging out so that's that from here you add in photos [Music] yeah you can see you can change your filters change all of these details specified you can sign up easily using your apple id or something like that um and that's basically the app um that's how it works um yep if you want to activate subscription you can just do it from here subscribe to continue communicating fifty percent of all purchases 20 credits and chats and emails initiate chess 10 members little messages send the search and all of that hope that is helpful

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