davatar.xyz - Avatars for Web3 apps overview

hey everyone so here is davatar x y that um it's an interesting app let's just explore it together so it's uh web 3 avatar uh one avatar for everything web stream so you just need to connect your wallet and you need to use the wallet that owns your anc ask name so if you have like ethereum domain um so how it works you just connect the wallet that owns your nc name select your new look you just use can use nft or upload a photo click save buy one time guest fee and watch your ems photo update everywhere and all the updates are gasless so let's just try to connect to wallet connect metamask wallet it's just a chrome extension so now i'm just connecting it and then i just need to sign and then yeah um you need e and s so you need to have enos domain here so i also did another video how you can get like ethereum domain and then you can just register that and then um then you can just request to register that domain so that's the idea um and then it just updates everywhere so that's how it works yeah if you already have your ns domains go to uh click my account set reverse record to your own ems [Music] name so to use the avatar this wallet must own in s name and have the reverse record set so that's the idea here um yeah and then you will be able to use this diverter app so sorry i i don't have a nice domain yet i plan to purchase it but that's um there you have it um [Music] so that's the idea um if you have any other videos about it leave it in the comments                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

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