DAWN AI app - I generated my own AI avatars

so here I just generated AI avatars in Dawn AI app this is one of the alternatives to lanza.ai apps and I just want to show you how it looks like it's a bit different obviously it's not generating like photos but yeah this is kind of images you can expect and I would say it's pretty cool actually so you can see here it's a bit different filter so here what you can do and the cool thing is that you can generate them for free as I understand in this app it will take some time uh when I just first uploaded images it took more than 10 minutes and then there was some not like errors but it just took for a while maybe even like hours and then just opened I just opened the app and still wasn't ready but the next day it's it's ready so here you have it and it's also it's not that close to the original image it has some similarities but a lot of these images are not that close uh you can now create countless avatars of yourself by using add me tag in the prompt have fun so here's you can just generate more avatars and then uh you can see uh your avatars you can see some uh other avatars and then me as vampire and then then yeah you can just so yeah that's how it looks like and then that's how you can just generate avatars here

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