Dawn AI app - no free AI avatars anymore.. You need to upgrade!

so here's down AI app free version let's just explore what you can do and how to generate your AI avatars so yeah what you need to do is just pick a12 photos of yourself high quality well lighted only one person various locations various face expressions various angles no sunglasses and then this app says that you can generate 50 avatars of yourself that's pretty cool because you don't need even to upgrade to do that you will need to upgrade later if you want more Styles or if you want more avatars so let's just do this so I'm just gonna demonstrate you how it gonna work so for example I have some selfies here I can just yeah upload them here and then yeah then it shows this screen if you want to get 50 plus avatars and apply all the styles but basically here you can still generate 50 avatars um yeah so unfortunately I don't know maybe they just locked this app and you can't do this anymore which is which is what it is so probably you just need to upgrade for 9.99 but yeah it's kind of a bit weird I think there are changing this this policy quite often and um yeah so it's it's not that they are doing that forever so I think like three four days ago they run a promotion where it was possible to generate all these AI but are so free now you need to upgrade also someday before like you could generate like six AI waters for free and then others you needed to reveal and to pay for that so it's like constantly being changed like make sure to update the app I think they're just testing out the like the gross opportunities uh how to get more exposure to more users but also get their checks paid and like all yeah to cover computational peels but yeah that's the interesting app definitely give it a try so in my case I can't uh create a tag anymore so let's just try one more time to be sure so if I just upload some photos so yeah I think it's locked so you can generate free avatars anymore in this app so there you have it um hope this is helpful and yeah that's what it is if you want to access air tab or settings um you will just yeah you will need to upgrade

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