Dawn AI app - quick overview & how to generate avatars

so here's done AI app and try I'll try to do a quick overview of the free version uh so yeah here's how it looks like it's one of the few apps might be the only app right now where you can actually get some AI avatars for free without needing to upgrade but of course this functionality is very limited then you will need to upgrade so what you need to do is just upload 8 12 selfies of yourself make sure to include different emotions make sure not to wear glasses or be in a group of people just yourself is different backgrounds different environments different emotions and then you create your own tag which is basically your AI model um and then based on this model you can get all this like different AI avatars and in a free version you can actually get six so as you can see one two three four five six six images for free however they say that you can generate 50 images now you can't you can do it in a paid version so you basically after uploading yourself is you need to write something like from 8 to 15 minutes in my case and then your avatars are ready you can just enable notification to know when it's ready it's okay to close the app during that period no worries and then you just get like uh 50 avatars but 44 of them upload and six are actually available which you can then save to your device and use them and share them and then you have to reveal other avatars you will need to upgrade for 9.99 dollars per week and then you can use your AI model to create uh avatars is all these different styles yeah so that's basically the idea of the app

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