DAWN AI app - “You are out of credits”

here is down AI app and if I type create tag it's just says you're out of credits every day you get zero trainings right until tomorrow to get more or Go premium so that's what it is also here uh yeah that's what happens in the free version so in a free version you can only generate like one set per day per 24 hours uh like these are a completely new set with your selfies or if you have your attack already AI model already available then um and you want to apply different filters then you will need to wait another day so here you just say wait until tomorrow again um so yeah that's basically that uh so you need to wait 24 hours or you need to upgrade a 9.99 per week still this app is one of the few ones one where actually you can get some set of AI avatars for free in all other apps you need to upgrade first even like five dollars six dollars to get at least one set here you can as I understand you can get like first six and then 50 avatars for free and then you will need to upgrade or just wait 24 hours before any other iteration

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