Dawn - AI avatars - app overview & how to use

so here is apps called down AI avatars so transform your selfies with AI so let's just open it up and yeah let's just try to go through it together so you know what what to expect from this app there are so many new apps in this category this new Niche is just booming I mean AI avatars uh if you want to explore some of the apps there is Lancer AI there is this air art app um and some uh others like people are just basically going crazy with all this like AI art yeah because it's like actually super impressive uh first like a year ago you could just enter some terms and it would generate like an like some image of some like Castle or something like that but now you can just create your own avatars uh and it will create new avatars from that so it's not like it will whiten your teeth or you know remove background on existing image it will create completely new images based on on your images you provided uh so yeah uh so what's the best advice for this so you need to provide high quality well lighted one-person various locations various face expressions different angles no sunglasses so yeah something like that so let's just do it and then uh for example yeah you need to add some of these images is this just like an example uh and then you just need to wait so the more different images and pictures you upload the better also I would recommend I tried it with Lancer AI so try to show different face expressions different emotions the more you do that the better it is uh and then yeah this is how it works then uh then you just need to write it's actually pretty cool um that it offers me some like free samples let's see if that's really the case uh of course you can uh upgrade for 4.99 per week and then get three days free and then you just need to to wait because these Avatar is actually a super expensive to generate from computation point of view it's like uh yeah it's quite expensive so these apps probably need to spend like hundreds hundreds of thousands of dollars per day or like tens of thousands of dollars per day to use this AI algorithm I think it's called like stable diffusion or something like that this API but yeah here in this app maybe you can do it faster also you can upgrade to Pro and it's not only avatars which you can do here you can also just do creativity I guess so yeah that's basically the idea so yeah it just takes some time but foreign so I can just show you what you can expect so for example other app called Lancer AI uh here I also tried this it's actually pretty cool so this is like I applaud this design photos you've seen and you can see like what you can get here there are of course some like bugs and some stuff like that so here you can see some issues but overall it's pretty cool there are all these different styles so yeah something like that so don't expect yet like super high quality or anything but it's like just really fun to play with I don't not sure if you can use it for LinkedIn or something like that but for sure you can use it for some like Twitter to show off on your Twitter or uh like some you know Discord some chatting apps stuff like that anyhow hope it is helpful

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