Dawn AI avatars app - overview

and a model based on which all other images are being generated and then you can just use them to generate all of these other images all of these other filters so for example here is the image really the why this app is like still option to generate first 50 avatars for free then you can uh [Music] so I can sort of basically just like one and you can use it it's really not because you can actually come back it doesn't take that much time maybe just because I'm on a pro uh so there should be a faster process in time but because this app is right now in the top charts right now it probably explores here yes I spotted so I said something yeah it's like pretty accurate actually yeah I would say pretty I would actually save it so yeah you can then save your emulations and then yeah that's prices from this uh make sure to save these existing images before doing that because that will be replaced by once particularly this app is a bit buggy but yes the image is still being saved so yeah other than that there is also a tab where you can generate a different Landscapes and just entering like castle and generate some AI art but yeah it's also pretty interesting but it was viral around like a year ago this feature but now it's not and now you have these settings and yeah so something like that uh hope this is helpful and this is the app you can also just use all these prompts and then generate from them

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