so here's Dom AI avatars app which is just going viral it's in top charts at this moment uh yeah and I just upgraded to pro version just to demonstrate you in case in case you're wondering why do you need to do that and all of that yeah so basically here is just a quick tutorial of the app here's how it looks like to start with you don't need to create an account or anything you just upload your selfies you can upload 8 to 10 selfies and then don't AI app just creates these models which is basically your AI model which will be used to create an AI avatars uh yep and then uh you'd actually generate this AI avatars for free uh which is pretty cool in all other apps you actually need to pay and not a small amount because the computational power for this AI image processing is pretty expensive so that's why all these apps in addition to monthly payments or weekly payments they also require you often to buy for just like 50 or 100 images here on the opposite you can just get like initial set of images for free but then if you want to generate more images like if I want to tap portrait of me in the same day uh yeah you will need to upgrade them so that's why I upgraded and now this is how it looks like so why do you need to upgrade of course then to generate additional images and not to wait one day then you should have faster processing you will have access to AI art and yeah all of that so here I'm just showing you the upgraded version it costs 9.99 dollars per week not per month it's pretty expensive and it has three day free trial so you definitely can't give it a try with a three-day free trial again it's like pretty pretty amazing uh yeah and then yeah that's basically how you generate your images so here's how it looks like then you can just get variations of this exact uh image so you still need to wait a bit but it's like understandable the first time when you just go to the app and upload some selfies I needed to wait like few hours and it was just like still saying that AI is processing your images or something like that and it just took for a while I don't know if it was the bug or something or there were just like too many users so yeah here I'm just waiting for that [Music] um yes should be available soon also I'm just doing this video on iPhone 7 which is pretty old iPhone so probably I have no idea maybe it's just uh yeah maybe it has some effect but yeah there you have it and then you can regenerate all these images again and again the cool part is that you just have this your own tag which is your AI model based on the first initial 10 selfies which you uploaded and then you can always delete this tag delete this model create a new model um so create a new tag so that's to if you're not happy because uh like as you can see I uploaded myself is with kind of same emotion so like 10 I just quickly did have like 10 selfies and they all just had a bit of a grumpy emotion and it's a mistake so you should applaud all the images with different emotion different angles but that your face is clearly visible and then AI will have more options and you will have better results so another cool feature here is that you can add all these cool interesting AI filters so for example me as a ninja so then I can just generate this image and become like a ninja uh yeah apply ninja filter again I can only do it because I'm on a pro account otherwise you will need to wait I think on a free account you can use like one filter or generate one additional set and then you need to wait one day there is no way to overcome it I don't think there are some ads or something like that but that's just you you need to wait here uh so let's see if how it works so here you have this kind of images then you can use them full screen you can get variations um and all of that so then again some other let's just generate like Cosmic filter so this part of the app is pretty powerful of course like a bunch of these apps like Lanza ai ai art Avatar AI dot me there I think they're using the same like stable diffusion API or maybe not but of course the difference between this apps is in pricing some apps are like pretty expensive where you need to spend like 40 dollars to get like 50 images in other apps like this one you don't need to spend anything to get like first initial set of images but then you need to upgrade if you want to generate more and more images so that's I'm just showing you what you get if you upgrade it's really faster processing I can confirm that and it's really you can get a lot of images like that uh still takes takes some time but that's it is what it is so here you can see like a cosmic image so yeah that's the idea and then there is another tab uh which is called AI art which is also really amazing like for example you can just generate stuff like I want to create Castle in which style and futuristic uh style and then I just want to apply this style aspect ratio square and then I just tap generate image and this this functionality this type will just generate some AI art for you which is also pretty amazing uh this was the previous hype of all these apps like you have apps like Wonder uh AI uh uh like few others dream dream app by Walmart which yeah also went viral like some months ago and now you have also AI avatars but there you have it so you can generate images like that it's super amazing that AI can do this it's really amazing actually and then you can see some examples from other people then you can also just draw a sketch and then let's see what will happen and then you can also add some prompt here like this transformation medium probably transformation is how far you want to go from your sketch of course you can create some really Advanced sketch here let's see how it works so that's basically so now you can see something like this being generated so that's the idea that's another feature of the app then you just have your settings and as probably mentioned you don't actually need to create an account in this app you can just start right away without an account but that's what it is and yeah after that your images should be available if you want to delete your account I will just tap on meet icons and just delete this tag this way you can delete kind of I guess your model and your personal data associated with lit like yourself is your uploaded I guess but yeah it's another cool feature of this app it's like super simple to use very very minimalistic and you can easily get your hands on it and understand what's happening what's going on and realize the style of styles the wipes uh maybe it will be transformed to some kind of social media Avatar app it kind of looks uh in that that direction would be nice to you know like tag other people see what other people are generating have some like best avatars or I don't know like yeah I think it's just it's just the beginning of all these possibilities which AI opens up so definitely cool area to explore overall give a try to this app for sure and thank you for watching visit my blog Mr hack that I'll visit my Tick Tock uh yeah subscribe to my YouTube channel once again so yeah to sum it up I think it's definitely a nice idea to upgrade in this app because you can generate all these unlimited images you can get faster processing time you can have access to air Tab and all of that hope that is helpful and thank you for watching

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