Dawn - AI Avatars - super quick overview & how to use

here is this viral app called down AI avatars as you can see it's in the top charts right now in the US app store it's pretty crazy so here it's one of the apps where you can create AI avatars of yourself and yeah what differentiates from other apps like that first is because it's actually pretty cheap so you can generate the first set of AI avatars actually for free and let's go through the app so basically you just logging into the app you need to upload 8 to 10 photos of yourself different selfies um yeah ideally it should be like different face expressions but your face should be really close up without glasses with good lighting and all of that and then what happened it takes some time uh again you don't need to buy anything for it you don't need to be on any Pro Plan or anything it takes some times though for me it took like few hours even more and then what you have you just have your attack generated what's your attack just basically your AI model your AI Avatar model based on on the Selfies you uploaded and then this app just basically generates images of you in different all these like different styles so yeah in my case as you can see you need to I needed to add it more face expressions to the photo because it's all grumpy photos but anyhow that's that and then you just have this generated for free but then when you want to generate additional filters so here you have all these additional filters like Multiverse back in time cool avatars editing if you want to generate all of those uh yeah you will need to upgrade so you can only generate one additional set per day for free and then after that you will need to upgrade so in this case I just upgraded it's 9.99 per week US Dollars and you have also three day free trial so you can still use free trial which is pretty crazy because all other apps you need to pay like forty dollars to generate 50 images or um yeah in Lanza AI you need to pay less but still it's all paid so yeah you just generate images so for example let's see me as a soccer soccer player and then what's really like easy and I really like the design of the app because you just have your AI model which is called add me and then you just tap generate and you don't need to upload selfies new selfies all the time again it's just done automatically there is this AI model and it's just being generated super easy to use and understand and um so yeah something like that let's just wait a bit and because I just upgraded so I can I'm using it on a pro version so that's why I'm able to generate this additional set I have a faster processing time I don't have limits how many sets I want to generate and I also can use AI images tab so here for example you can see Miss as a soccer player I can just tap on the image I can retouch it I can erase reply something I can edit the image then I can just tap save to download it or share with my friends so that's pretty cool that's basically the idea here it kind of looks like a little like dead by him so yeah and then also there is AI art where you can describe the image like you can just write something in which style and then just generate images and it will generate some graphic for you in the different style as you want it can also create a graphic based on your sketch it's pretty cool so these are my two features of the app these are AI avatars or AI Graphics AI images that's it it's this app is going viral I think it's pretty well made it's very minimalistic as you can see here it is what you have it's pretty amazing actually this is AR algorithms and then you have settings you don't even need to create your account or anything in case you want to delete your data just tap on the account and then tap delete this tag also here of course you can always enter like uh uh yeah okay as a vampire and then just generate images hope that is helpful

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