Dawn AI - how much time to wait for AI avatars to be generated? Free vs. Pro version

here's Dawn AI Avatar app I've been exploring it for the last days seems it's like it's going viral so I tried Boss free account and pro account and will share my experience like how much time you need to wait before your AI Avatar is being generated so on the free version usually it is around 15 minutes I say around because I don't know obviously all the details and like uh uh maybe it just depends on server overload or stuff like that but around 15 minutes and when I upgraded to Pro and I wanted to generate new tag it took me eight minutes so like or like seven minutes so two times faster if you upgrade to pro version which is 9.99 per week uh also when I tried this app in the first time to be honest like two days ago seems there was some bug and I tried like to to generate these avatars and it was just like completely stuck here on the screen for a day or like for hours nothing was happening I just kept opening up the app and just yeah nothing was happening uh so yeah um so then I just opened the app and finally it was done the next morning so it can also happen because again this app right now is the number one app in the US App Store so probably there is a lot of attention a lot of users hope their servers will catch up but yes just so you know again on the free version it takes 15 minutes around on the paid version eight minutes to generate first 50 II Waters

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