Dawn AI only generates 6 avatars in a free version - overview how to generate avatars

so here I'm trying to generate AI avatars in Don AI app um seems It's kind of working it wasn't working for me like a few days ago I basically upload this avat my selfies and yeah I needed to wait like for uh one day before it finally was done but here again like I don't need to buy anything as I understand so they opened up as a free tool which is pretty cool and that's why this absolutely going viral um like other apps like Lance AI avatarai dot me like user charge like five six dollars so first 50 Avatar or even like up to 40 dollars because the computational power is like super expensive um so yeah I don't know how these guys uh ended up like uh with this idea to do it free and like it's it should be pretty expensive actually to do it or have them managed to do it but then yeah there you have it uh so now it's just been generated the estimation time it took around like 15 minutes um so now uh you can see that and then unfortunately it only generates like uh one two three four five only six avatars it generates for free um like and then of course all of them have Watermark but you can still save them to your device um so yeah that's basically the idea and then you can just type several images but yeah unfortunately in the free version you can only generate like six avatars then you will need to upgrade when I tried this app like two days ago you could generate like 50 avatars but then it was stuck and I need to wait like for a day but then it was okay in a pro version if you upgrade of course you can generate how many you want and save them easily to your device so that's basically the idea uh hope you like it I hope it clears some things out because yes this app is being developed right in this moment there are like millions of users want to try it out and um uh probably they're just testing some pricing models how to better monetize it have to grow like and get the attention but also monetize it because in other apps there is just no free option you need to pass right away or yeah so something like that in this app I think there is like a free trial maybe it's gone now but anyhow that's the idea

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