Dawn AI - only generates 6 avatars in a free version

so I just try to generate these avatars into an AI app and like two days ago I could with my selfies I could have generated like 50 images and really get them now I think I can only generate like six images in in this app for free and all other it just says reveal Avatar however it says that you can generate 50 avatars so yeah I think this app just changed their policy now for free like so I didn't buy anything and this time I could have generated six avatars if you want to generate 50s avatars and have uh and create infinite custom versions you need to buy 9.99 per week which uh to be fair it's not that expensive but it just depends what you want like so for example in Lancer AI you can generate uh like uh I think one pack of avatars for 5.99 there would be 50 avatars that's kind of cheaper but then if you want another pack another Styles you need to pay another time 55.99 here you just pay 9.99 per week and you have unlimited avatars which you can save to your device so you can just generate as many as you want and with the this paid version you have faster processing power and that yeah then you can just use this app as you want so I also tried Pro subscription I now canceled but yeah there you have it

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