DAWN AI vs. LENSA AI - app comparison. Which one is cheaper to generate AI avatars?

let's compare Lancer Ai and Dawn AI Avatar Creator apps so which one is actually cheaper like so it depends what what you want so lens AI as the original like popular app um here they have a bit different monetization models so if you I want to create a selfie Avatar let's just try to do it I want to upload like all these photos and then it's just Imports and then I need to pay right away there is no free trial there is no anything um and then here's the pricing so to generate 50 unique avatars five variation of 10 Styles you need to pay at least 5.99 one-time payment so it's not a subscription it's not a weekly Master subscription just one time payment if you want to generate 100 unique avatars you need to pay 7.99 211.99 for one pack then let's just go to Dawn AI app here actually there is an option to generate the first pack of your avatars completely free so here you can see these avatars they're completely free so I just also open the app you don't need to create an account you just upload same selfies and you can get like six Avatar images for free if you want to reveal another 44 of the 50 pack you then you need to upgrade and the price here is 9.99 dollars per week but you also can create infinite custom versions um so yeah it just depends like what you want so originally in Don AI app like I tried it two days ago like you could generate first pack of 50 avatars completely free that was really crazy that's why this app went to the top charts of the US App Store uh it was buggy but you could really get like 50 AI images for free which is like really weird because the computational power super expensive actually for these AI models so I was like why is that happening like how and now of course we understand the trick it was kind of I think a gross hack so this app went to the number one app in the US app store because it offered option to generate actually 50 AI avatars for free while other apps you needed to pay but now they just removed kind of that feature you still can generate six free avatars but only six not 50. if you want to reveal other 50 you need to buy again but then if you upgrade for 9.99 per week you can also get all the unlimited AI the avatars or like which amount you want you can get like 300 variations whatever uh so it just depends what you want so kind of original price is more expensive here like 10 dollars per week and it's subscription here it's 5.99 one-time payment you can only get 50 images here to get like 56 first six images free to get 50 you need to pay 9.99 but then if you want to get like generate a lot of them you can do it unlimited I don't know like in my experience you need to generate a lot of avatars to get more than 200 because here then how it works you just have all these filters in down Ai and you tap on the filter and you get additional four images so like you know you need to try all the like 50 filters like to get more than 200 images but you can get this unlimited here you can instantly just get like 200 avatars for 11.99 or like 100 avatars for eight dollars 10 different styles so maybe it's even cheaper I don't know on on the on the lens AI if you just want to get a lot a lot of like 100 images like all the different 10 different styles and 10 variations of each so you can just and try this out but if you want just to start and get at least something like six free images and then you can just save to your device by tapping the arrow of course you will also have a watermark you can try this app so you just you decide at the moment I think these are top two apps where you can generate avatars the cheaper way all other apps so these are more expensive or I don't know I was exploring actually a bunch of them you can check out on my YouTube channel there's also why a avatar maker but there you also need to upgrades right away also in this down AI app I don't know if it's changed now there was an option to get a free trial so that's also pretty cool for three days you could get like this free trial anyhow hope that is helpful thank you for watching

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