DAWN AI vs. VOI vs. LENSA AI - AVATAR APPS comparison. What is the best/cheapest?

so in this video we're gonna compare two viral apps uh to generate AI avatars one is called down AI so this app is in top charts right now and basically this is one of the few apps where you can actually generate AI avatars for free so you can just add create tag and then um yeah right now I'm out of credits because I'm on a free version but you can just create this uh you could just applaud 10 to 15 selfies of yourself it's the same process in every app and in one AI app you just need to wait 8 to 15 minutes and then after that you will be able to get like this this AI avatars but they're claiming that you can get like 50 avatars in fact you can only get six avatars for free which will be revealed and then actually 44 avatars out of 50 will be hidden and you will need to upgrade to see them but the next day I think they they will be revealed so actually in this app in two days you can get like 50 AI uh avatars in like yeah two days but yeah you just need to wait here and then if you want to get more and if you don't want to wait one day to generate additional avatars and basically have have faster processing and weight less than uh yeah it's like 9.99 dollars per week price so that's that and then here you also have like a Way iotar app by Wonder so wonder is like is uh like another viral app but the team behind Wonder just created AI Avatar app because like everyone just making these apps these days and yeah I also tried this one and it's also pretty cool it's quite popular it's in top charts I don't so the main difference is that in voi app it's not possible to generate any avatars for free I mean avatars of yourself so the thing is like in this app you can generate avatars of like Cristiano Ronaldo or some celebrities so if you just go there oops sorry something is glitchy so yeah the point like you you need to upgrade right right away to to generate any avatars so there you have it and this this app looks like this and then it's basically the same you just tap pass and then you just generate Avatar spots like in a free version you can generate avatars of like Kim Kardashian or like Messi Ronaldo uh yeah so something like that um if you don't want to generate avatars of yourself then you will need to upgrade or buy a pack and it's also like pretty cheap here and I think it's a one-time payment so it's not a subscription so let me just double check by the way to cancel all of these subscriptions you need to go through the standard process you just need to go through the settings app go to your subscription step and cancel it there so it's not enough just to delete your app or you know like remove your account you need to cancel the subscription and it's like quite important because uh you know these apps are kind of quite uh expensive so yeah like I'm just want to check so okay so actually why is how how much uh so it's like 4.99 per week uh uh so there you have it while uh down is 9.99 per week so this app is actually cheaper as you can say and then you can generate unlimited avatars with your model and then you have all this additional filters which you can apply to your model so for example I want to apply this filter or anything like this and then I can just select my avatar and then I can just tap create and because I'm still on the way Pro subscription I can easily generate those so yeah and it's like pretty quick as you can see okay so something didn't work out here but yeah okay now you can see something like this yeah so that's basically the idea so I don't know you make the calculation what's better like why app is cheaper it's 4.99 but you can't get any AI avatars before paying um in other app you you can get those uh even without paying uh uh yeah so something like that yeah so that's basically the idea oh this is funny uh hope this is helpful so just make your decision boss apps are pretty good I actually still down AI generates a bit more styles uh why I think it's a bit cheaper but with done you can still get like this initial 50 avatars for free that's why this app is going viral why it's a bit cheaper um and then there is another app called lens AI maybe it also provides good quality but then you just buy packs you buy like um so let me just show you you pay like 5.99 and then and then uh yeah you you get like 100 avatars so you just have creating your avatars and then you will need to you will need to okay so let's just let me show you uh so you know it so you need to wait a bit basically this process is almost the same in any apps which you will find and here is the pricing so you can get 50 unique avatars for 5.99 100 avatars for 7.99 uh yeah 200 avatars for 11.99 so yeah that's basically the idea so I hope this is helpful and yeah thank you for watching thank you for checking it out so you you make your decision whatever you want like to sum it up like if you want just to start for free Don AI is a the best way then if you want to get like 50 avatars which are pretty good quality lens AI it's a good option like for 5.99 but why is also pretty good and maybe it's even cheaper and why gives you Weekly subscription with unlimited Avatar via lens I I just gives you a pack of 100 avatars and then you need to pay again so kind of Lanza is the most expensive one but it's also good quality here anyways if you have any other suggestions any other apps you discovered because there are so many of those now just leave them in the comments

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