Dazz Cam Vintage Camera app - how to use?

so here's interesting app which is called dust cam vintage camera analog film cameras for video and photo so which you can see here so you can create all this vintage photos that's classic you can create all these images here best camera or pocket photographer no need for post editing the most realistic film photography or video is instantly presented with a single click this camera is inspired by the retro film camera of the 80s based on the film proves we hundred percent restore the color texture and noise of the film there will also be interesting like leakage effects the dash camera will launch new cameras from time to time let's look forward to it you can also see some other features and you can just create these photos and share it everywhere on tick tock or social network twitter with scam tag um so yeah then i'll just open the app and see how it works so you can just give access to camera so there you have it and now for example if i can just do this i can select all the different video vintage or like you know i can select classic uh photos cameras and then i can just try it out so for example this is i can do this photo and then yeah i just have it like this but yeah this is the the paid feature so can i just like if i just try classic i can create all these like cool photos like in touch photos and then i can just give access to the photo um yep and then also not only photos but also videos and then you can just change all these interesting filters here so that's kind of cool uh yeah so manage all these different cameras and they are adding more and more cameras i guess with each update so that's quite interesting so overall yeah hope that is helpful thank you for

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