DECO PIC APP - what is it?

hello so what is deco peak app so this is the app you can get on the galaxy store in samsung um and yep so this app basically adds different stickers in forms of masks gif stamps frames to your photos yup so that's basically it as you can see it's not in the google play store it's just on samsung galaxy phones i think what it says here deco peak makes photos and videos fun with live stickers when a sticker effect is applied to a preview image tap to take a photo or press and hold to record a video experience various live stickers with your friends and share the joyful moments so as i said there are gifts masks frames stamps deco peek can be updated when the software of your device is up to date and then you just need to give the permissions such as camera story space and audio and that's basically it but like some people are just reporting that this app appeared from nowhere on under under uh samsung phones and as i just say it's like this app is mysteriously installed uh has anyone else got an app called deco peak installed in their phone out nowhere today it can be uninstalled only disabled so yeah so something like that so at least maybe you can just go to uh system app manager and it had the option to to uninstall the updates so hope that would be helpful but overall this is just an app overview it's not on iphone it's not on google pixel or some other android phones is just on samsung galaxy as i understand

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