Deferit Pay bills in 4 full app overview

either so here's the Freud app it's going in top charts in the US App Store so you can see death rate by bills in four so you can think about this app something like a firm or clarna like so the app where you can just split the payments for example but this is this is the same scene but you're just doing that for your bills so like for example if it's klarna app in Europe just buying some stuff in eShop and then okay the sneakers too expensive but I can afford them to split the in four payments here you just do that with your house bills for example it's like pretty practical app and then you just simply upload the build choose how much to pay and repay it for you you pay overtime in four simple installments so just upload a build by taking a photo screenshot adding a file select the total amount to pay your biller your biller choose whether to buy a front overtime in four simple installments and then they just paid the full amount of front to your Biller so it's pretty pretty cool so the app instantly pays the full amount to your dealer but then you need to repay the app in four installments I'm not sure if it's possible to do more than four installments and to further extend the payment but there you have it so then you can just open up so you just easily super quickly create an account just with email and password but then you need to verify your account with cell phone then easily in the app you can just upload the bill then you will see all the payments and then so then you can just see some things that of course you can just subscribe um the free subscription build monthly then there is a referral code which you can enter um there is always like help center which can help you out what is the rate how it works we created that for it to be interest-free budgeting tools that allows you to buy and manage your bills and it's like pretty interesting aspect that it's like interest free um we give you an extra week with the last installment as an added bonus simply take a picture select a file or apply the folder of your build to our platform choose how much you want to pay and then you want to pay it and repay that bill for you on the date you choose um if you don't want to split it into installments but want to pay a bill with a credit debit card are paying one feature allows you to Simply take a photo on the bill you want to pay you buy us the full amount with your plastic card and we pay the bill for you um so yeah when uploading your bill you specify the date that you want us to pay it as well as the amount you would like us to pay your phone install must begin on this date and we take the first payment before paying your bill for the specified amount please ensure that you have sufficient funds in your account for your first installment to avoid any bumps on the road um so yeah that's basically the idea uh and yeah you can just read um some more descriptions here in order to use the fruit you must be r18 and we must be able to verify your identity as long as you can verify your identity you are able to use the free to pay any of your bills in one convenient locations we might need to request further information from you in order to activate Pi in for installment um so most people begin with an account balance of between 300 and 500 to start paying bills in installments if you're not immediately able to activate your balance for the paying for installment feature it might be because we need to get to know you a little better so that's what you can do yeah and then just you can read through details here so that's basically the app you can refer people um and that's the idea so it's pretty cool app and sometimes in the times you know of like slow economic activity or some recessions stuff like that these apps become pretty pretty popular because yeah like some people like you need to pay bills and it's just easier to pay those in installments sometimes or you want to spend money somewhere else so it's just good to know that this app kind of exists at the moment I think it's only available in United States and Australia so it's not like this app is available like everywhere year for example so nope this is not the case uh so I'll give it a try

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