here's what I would do to delete an account in Fetch Rewards app just tap on the meet tab in bottom right and then tap [Music] on settings and or sorry not that I was looking maybe there is some button to do with an account right away but there is no such option as I understand so then I can just tap contact us select profile help category and then you can just write here something like that and then just tap send you can also attach some other information and then probably you will have your ticket opened here where you can get your tickets here's uh also there is some help center with frequently asked questions my user is a detailed instruction how to delete your account there uh but it's not loading there are some glitches and bugs in this app so there you have it so yep so then just is this what it is um that's what I would do to delete my account try that of course just depending on the time zone and some you know the spikes in this app usage you you won't be able to get a reply to your request as soon as possible sometimes this kind of apps just don't reply at all um I don't know what to do in that situation you can always reach out to them on Twitter or on social media uh if you have any other suggestions just leave it in the comments below

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