Deleting BeReal post & deleting BeReal memories - what is the difference?

hello everyone so I just wanted to clarify this point since a lot of users are confused what's the difference between deleting your be real and deleting be real from memories so here is burial I just took it I can tap on it I on the where it says laptop on the caption I can tap on options and here I can tap delete my Bureau that's how I delete my b-real and it won't be accessible in the discovery feed it one it can be viewed by my friends and all of that so that's what I'm doing to to delete my Bureau um if I want to delete bereal from memories I just go to my profile I tell you all my memories and then I can just tap to delete it from here at tabs reduce and delete from memories now memories is just your personal archive it's a you can delete it you can store it but like you're you know your friends can see it already and if you just delete it from from memories it still will be available in your Discovery feed but like be real post is not available in Discovery feed for for forever it's not like Instagram where you can go to history and see all the previous posts like a year ago now here is just available in for limited time but that's why there is memories archive where you just say for yourself your previous posts to have them but in Discovery feeds are just available for a few days of you I don't remember a few hours but if you delete from memories it doesn't influence that visibility to your friends or Discovery feeds so it can be deleted from memories but still available in Discovery feed and seen by your friends so don't confuse it deleting from memories doesn't mean that you delete it from your friends the only way to delete from your friends is just go and delete here and this is the only way to delete your burial but you can only delete all One latest burial which you have just taken

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