Deleting my latest BeReal - guide how to do it

in this video i'm deleting my burial and i will just show you walk through how i'm doing it uh maybe it's not the best way but i figure out that's what works so i took some weird photo and then i want to delete it just i can do it to my latest be real i can i can't do it to the bureau which i took like a week ago or something like that i mean if yeah like the only one which slightest one uh so tap on add cap like just below add caption where it says two hour late tap on that create text and then uh tap options and then i'm just doing that delete my burial you can only delete your bureau once a day you won't be able to delete the next one you post you can tap change my mind you can tap other uh and then something like that and then yes i'm sure so you want to delete your bureau and tap delete so after that your bureau is deleted but then you won't be able i'm not sure if you will be able to post another one or i think yeah so yeah you will be able to post another one but you won't be able to delete that one so that's the process hope it is helpful

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