Deleting your TikTok NOW post - how to do it?

here is a tick tock now and in case you took a photo and you are not happy with it like how to delete it so you need to go to your profile type in bottom right tap on photos tap on three dots in top right and then in the bottom here you have option to delete delete this now tap delete and there you have it then your Tick Tock now post will be deleted now I don't know about limitations how many times per day can you do it because in be real for example you can you can only delete once so if you delete it one video and two posted another Barrel it's not possible to delete second one during that day uh so yeah here you have that and yeah so now you can also like yeah if you want you can export you can change privacy settings hope that is helpful yeah because in this apps where you only have three minutes to post on time it's super you can be located you can be traveling you can be at work in in some not comfortable situation to take a photo and sometimes later when you check that out that Tick Tock now post you see that it's not really that the right post so there you have it

How To Delete Your TikTok Post 2022...
How To Delete Your TikTok Post 2022 [ Easy Tutorial ] | Online Help Guide | TikTok Guide
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