hey everyone so here is dharman app and it's in the top charts right now in the us app store top must use 100 apps so let's just install it and do a quick overview so this is at this app called dharman studios watch your favorite videos get inspirational messages shop exclusive march and more you can watch all these video episodes you can get all these inspiring messages and quotes and then you can get merch so this is the ultimate place where you can watch all the favorite dharma and videos uh so there you have there's only one writing uh so let's just open it up so this is dartmouth mobile experience create your free account you can use facebook google apple or just email so let's just use [Music] apple id you can just change your date of birth location [Music] then you can just allow notifications or not and there you have it this is the app so you can see most recent episodes so this very like inspirational videos then you can see all this uh these messages which you can share which you can like and then you can see your favorites so that's cool and then there are other smarts you can search in the store there are also different categories different categories for videos and then there are settings so you can enable what you can what you want that get notifications for giveaways on youtube giveaways on instagram inspirational text video releases march releases then you can just update your settings and that's it that's how you that's how it can work out so that's that's the idea basically um that's how it works so that's the quick overview what you can expect from darman app                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

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