Didn’t save image in Dream by Wombo app? Here is what to do!

so here's dream by wombo app and sometimes you can generate really cool image and but then you just don't don't save it don't publish or don't share it and then you just tap the back button and then oops like what did they do like my image is seems to be gone now uh and then if you tap to generate probably ai algorithm will regenerate another image so i just found that some user had exactly same issue here on their discord channel dreamweaver discord and seems if you go to dream feedback you can if you of course have access to your username and login you can ping some people especially you can pin um read uh on on from their developer team and if you really think that your dream by wombo image was really really really good then you will be able to to restore it somehow i hope if you didn't publish it or you didn't uh share it or you didn't save it um so yeah that's what you can do probably there is like you know some database somewhere and the images are saved so don't worry i think it is still possible i think yeah it is still possible to restore that image especially if you are on ios app and you created an account because if i think if you're just using the web browser and without an account not sure if that's possible might be this also so thank you for watching

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