hey everyone so here is cool app which is called dig and the idea of the app is that it's app for dog lovers it's also called dog dating app um i think it was featured somehow on the on a shark tank so they presented tabby dating app which is uh dating for cat lovers but also there is like a d dating app so the dark person's dating app and then yeah that's what you have it so if you like cats you just can go to tabby app if you like docs you can go to dig app and then maybe it will help you to find a match here so there you have it the dog person's dating app so let's just install it together and go through it see the features and how it works and all of that so here is how it looks like i think it's developed by same people who develop tabby app uh so they are basic i think the developer is just seeing which app will get more traction so yeah so you just create a profile you add your photos with dogs you add the description it's also a community so you can see all the events uh all the updates about dogs in your area and all of that so it's not only dating it's more than that so fight your match send messages send photos and you can allow notifications and then you can just sign up so let's explore this so i just usually create my account with apple because it's super fast [Music] that's my account and then if i want to meet someone i just tap on the meet tab or there's also park tap and messages okay it's something doesn't work so let's open it again so this is the app basically and then you just uh try to meet all these dog lovers uh and then the park so you can see all the dog deals basically you can all discard interesting places interesting events some stories and all of that there are messages you can message people there's your profile you can add your photo there are settings um and you can upgrade to vip here so to upgrade to the ap one month since 1999 three months 29.99 six months 49.99 under the three day free trial on all of the plans so you can easily test out this app and see if it works and all of that you can enable disable notifications and then you can change your gender preferences you can set like distant radios and all of that so then that's basically how it works um that's the idea uh you can add your photos if you want to delete your profile i guess you can just go to edit profile and delete your account so that's that's the idea you when you're adding photos here you need to share pictures of you and the dogs you allow so that's that's basically that's app so that's that's what it is hope it was helpful                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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