DiHola Dating app - how to create an account? App overview

here is the hola dating app so this is a dating app specifically for hispanics and latinos uh so yeah sometimes tinder is just not enough like tinder can be like too general and if you're looking for someone specifically like uh you like you know your type and you just want to date specific people some of these apps are just better match so yeah if you're looking for someone in hispanics or latinos community give a try to this app for sure and this app is a community where hispanic and latinos singles meet proudly display your country of origin send an icebreaker and video chat with singles near you as this is a new dating app for hispanic and latino singles it's an exclusive community where hispanic and latinos singles meet it's free to download match and message other users it's a fun and easy way to make new connections you can view profiles of hispanic and latino men and women near you tap the icebreaker icon to send a personal greeting or move the profile to the right if you're interested if you're not interested in making a connection move the profile to the left to view more profiles so yeah you can enjoy also free download free matching free messaging with a premium account you can get more double your daily batch of personalized profiles send unlimited icebreakers say hola live through video chat so then yeah you can just upgrade an account and then you can just easily sign in with apple for example so let's just try that too and then yeah you just instantly sign in and then you can enable you can disable notifications or and then you can just you just need to enter your birth date which just for example and then uh yeah so then you can just go through here what you're here for so dating friends or relationship then you can just schedule any kind of contact and everybody is welcoming so for example that the recipient, his family abulant is now come tomorrow but i also really like that you can just choose or relationship. Then you can just set up some photos. You can set up some photos from your camera roll for example. I don't know if I have some. It's not the best photo but just for example to show you how it might look like. uh And then you can just add all of these different things. And okay so you so then you can just see all these questions for your gestures see how uh how it works and then you can just proceed. All right there is a lot of questions. Maybe it's even better because the app then will just provide uh then you can just select your nationality. So here you can see uh what's available here and then uh yeah so that's the idea and then uh anywhere you can just set it up like this. So finally you create an account and then you can just match through and then uh yeah of course you are pushed to upgrade so you can get three months for the price of one. You can get this offer uh introductory offer $14.99 for first three months and $14.99 per month. And then yeah you can just match similar as on tinder so no or swipe left to dislike and yeah you can just see all the different people uh all the different accounts. Then you can see all your matches on the second tab you can see messages and then uh if you want to upgrade if you want to upgrade for one day even that's $3.99 three days $8.99 one week $13.99. So it's pretty expensive app to be honest. Is there is there okay so the smart swipe sorry that's some feature and then yeah you can get it for one week $7.99 one month $14.99 still not cheap uh uh so yeah that's basically the idea and then you can see the differences with smart swipe and premium. So yeah that's how you upgrade uh yeah that's the app.

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