DiHola Dating app - how to use? FULL OVERVIEW

Hey everyone, so let's just go through the dating app called Dihola. It's a nice trending app. It's a community where Hispanic and Latino singles meet. Proudly display your country of origin, send an icebreaker in video chat with singles near you. So this is an app. As you know, sometimes probably like Tinder is just not enough. If you know specifically this is my community or this is like the people I want to meet, this is my type, then maybe like this, this is the app you can try out in this niche. So then yeah, you just create your account. It's pretty long process to create your accounts. There are multiple questions where you can, you need to answer all of those and you just can't proceed further until you answer those. Yeah, so that's what you can do. And then yeah, that's basically this is how the app looks like. You can just swipe left or right. You can see where people are available. You can see view details, for example. You can then just go to and see your matches. Then for example, you can see your info, which you signed up. Then you can just search, you can select your interest, like interest filter. Either you're interested in mile, a few mile, all, then you can set up distance or locally and it's available to set up these filters even in a free version of the app, not like on Tinder where you need to upgrade. And then yeah, here is just the process and since like swiping around. So then yeah, you can just expand your search. You can see all the matches in this tab. You can see video dates available. You can see messages. And then if you want to, you can just upgrade. So there is smart swipe option and then there is premium. So premium is kind of cheaper if you buy it for a month, like $14.99 per month or six months $41.99. There is no like yearly subscription, which is weird, but yeah. And then in premium, you just have no ads, video chats, profile rewind, profile views, unlimited profiles, unlimited icebreaker, social unlock, compatibility reports, see who likes you. And then there is also smart swipe where you can get profile rewind only, profile views and see who likes you. And then you can just combine these two. So yeah, you have profile rewind available in smart swipe, profile views, see who likes you. And then you can just select and choose what you like. However, this app is already pretty useful in even in the free version, you can just try to use it like that. But smart swipe, you can see that for three days you will be charged like $9, which you can already pay for like a week here in the premium. So just you decide how to use it. Then you can just see your profile, can just go through it. Then there is your settings. You can have, you only have like a very limited amount of video calls. Then if you want to delete your profile, you can just delete it from here. So it's pretty convenient that they have this feature available. And then, yeah, you can, if you have any issues, you can just easily contact and reach out to support from the app, just like this. Yeah. So that's basically the process. That's how it works. You can just see more photos, you can swipe left, right. And that's the idea. Hope you enjoyed this. That's what it is. Just the app.

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