Dingtone app - full tutorial

hey everyone so here is dington app so let's try to install it and see how you can use it um so just use your touch id of ice id and the idea is that you can just use your second create your second phone number via wi-fi um unlimited calls to us and canada unlimited texting for numbers from 20 plus countries from service at no cost and then you can just protect it and you can sign up for different apps and sites if you just need like your ass phone number for example then you just need to agree so let's just get started here let's see how it works so yeah you just need to enter your phone number okay so anyways let's just then try another way to do it and there you have it you can give access to your contacts you can allow notifications so there you have it uh of course they will ask you to give access to the contacts but you choose to do it so yeah let's just select if you want to get a phone number so let's just add a phone number and then you can just select random phone number and then yeah it says that you need to pay here [Music] okay so i'm just thinking okay then you need to pay for it okay so that's the idea so as you can see it's not possible to get a phone number for free here seems like that so that's about it then you have your settings you have your account settings or maybe okay so yeah or no um so when you purchase that you can set up callback you can set up voicemail call forwarding network settings calling rates and all of that so you can try it then you can try to call okay and then you can just try to call to different countries a region using internet call and all of that so that's kind of pretty cool and then you can just if you want to get free credits you can just use daily checking you can watch videos and get some daily lottery and all of that so that's the idea but yeah i was just thinking that this app can give you a free phone number but it's not the case so that's the app if you have any other ideas or suggestions or if you know better apps just leave it in the comments below                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

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