DIRECTV APP - DOESN’t WORK, BUGS - what to do?

so here i'm just going through like directv app i downloaded and then you can try to sign in with your provider but if you just go through the recent reviews because just recently this app was completely updated and renovated and all of that so you can see that there are like actually steal so many bugs even after the app update so here some people say save your money do not download even on my brand new iphone 13 inside my house is full wi-fi the app closes for no reason they also make it near impossible to cancel once you have it so don't get stuck as i will tell you it has to be cancelled online then it's you need to go to some kind of chat and yeah [Music] like it pauses your show there are some bugs with picture picture-in-picture or something like that and this is just like recent reviews as you can see you you can't get login files to load you're unable to load that tv and too many issues to be fixed uh record series feature is not is not working so usually in these cases there is just a link to to the app support page here where you can reach out to the app support and here you can try to reach out to their support there is a community and then you can also chat or you can call to their direct tv phone number so this is what you can use here or you can just try to chat now and then you will be redirected and forwarded to some conversations hope that can be helpful

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