hey everyone so here is new release directv app stream all your entertainment uh so this app is currently as you can see in the top chart so it's like number two in entertainment chart and yeah you can see here uh like yeah it was just recently updated new direct app is the fresh way to stream all the entertainment you love live or on demand at home on the go big screen or small no matter how you like to watch we bring your tv together no matter your passion we've got you covered with live sports breaking news and thousands of on-demand titles bing movies animals talk about shows and quickly find your favorite shows using our intuitive user interface so there you have it so then you can just open the app and then uh yeah we can just discover [Music] you can give access to your device on your local network and then and then you can you need to add your tv provider subscription or something and then you need to add like directv or directv stream or something like that and then you need to log in to directv or you can log in with your directv stream here you can also add your user id and password and then there are also other providers which you can add here so here you can also add this then here you can select service uh and yeah so that's about it oops for some reason i can't uh so here you can also read some additional privacy information and yeah so that's basically that hope it was helpful if you have any feedback about this app or like you know you like some features other features you don't like just leave it in the in the comments below

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