Discz app - how to create an account?

hello so here is new app which is called disks uh discard and share music so let's just download it and see how that works because this app just runs through to the top charts of the us app store so it's in top 100 apps right now overall and number seven in music category so i'm just curious what's really something special about it so you can swipe to discover new music custom sound recommendations fyp for music safe sounds from friends viewer top songs and artists so it's kind of like a music discovery service uh and then so you pull out your phone to find new music but spotify keeps showing you the same songs and tick tock duets are getting old welcome to disk z you open up the app and start swiping every song you like gets automatically saved to a spotify playlist you follow your friends and swipe through their mixes and then make your own and burn it to defeat a pickle falls in your head the more music you find and shares the more pro your profile grows your neck go back to having mediocre music swipe to discard new music build your profile follow friends create your playlist go viral so that's the feature of the app um yeah super interesting so let's just open it up and see how it works and how to create an account [Music] so here's the app [Music] this is basically how it works and then let's just tap get started you can sign up with uh with snapchat or you can sign up with your mobile phone and then you can just log in with spotify so that's how you can create your account via spotify so it's like a second separate step and then i just need to agree and log in as yeah so then i'll just need to create an account a username let's just do this and then i can just what's your wife pick up your aesthetic okay this sounds good choose a profile pic you can allow to send notifications you can follow your friends give access to the contacts hello notifications you can follow friends you can invite people you can skip this step and that's basically how you create your account this is where you can see what your friends are listening to you can create your own mix swipe right to service onto your plato's fireplace just to skip so something about it and then you can just swipe up so something like that then you can just go around and it's basically like a tinder for songs so you can discover new songs then you can create a new mix main character wipes and then you can just create all these mixers so that's kind of pretty cool and then there is recommendation music recommendations made for you so as long as you swipe a lot in this app you will get more and more recommendations uh and yeah something like that so hope that can be helpful this is your profile um yeah so that's how you create an account

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