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hey there in this video we're gonna go through new trending app disk z discover and share music so this app suddenly spiked in top charts in the us app store and as you can see it's number seven in the music chart which is pretty amazing just after shazam after youtube music so that's kind of cool and i'm just curious why is that what makes this app special and you know there are so many music apps these days of course there are like two dominant players like uh spotify apple music but there are some few smaller ones but like why why this app suddenly is in the top charts idea is that you can swipe to discard new music so in case you are not satisfied with your spotify recommendation or apple music recommendation or even if you get some music ideas from tick tock and you think there are so many artists which basically you are missing out definitely give a try to this app so custom zone recommendation fyp for music uh safe zones from friends viewer tab songs and artists so i created another video where you just start with logging in with your spotify so you need to have a spotify account i don't not sure if you need a free one on prim one i think pre free one works okay and then you just create an account here in this app and then you can see in the they have really cool description that you pull out your phone to find your music but spotify keeps showing you the same songs and tick tock dudes are getting old welcome to dixie open up the app and start swiping every song you like gets automatically saved to your spotify playlist you follow your friends and swipe through their mixes and then make your own and burn it to defeat so something like that swipe to discard new music swipe right and custom zone recommendations to build your perfect playlist build your profile follow friends create your playlist go viral so something around that uh like songs to automatically save to your spotify playlist viewers spotify top artists and tracks of the last month six months of all time swipe through any playlist on spotify to quickly find the tracks you like so let's just jump into the app i tried to play with it and it feels really interesting because i must say i also have kind of like a similar issue like of course if i want to discard a new music in spotify i usually would just use some discover weekly playlist there are also like this daily mixes playlist but i usually just consist of of the of the songs i had listened to before so it's like really sometimes an issue like i know that for example i like some electric uh electronic music and there are so many artists which sometimes are just not recommended to me and sometimes you're just listening to nice track and it took you like two months and years for spotify to recommend you it so i'm just curious maybe there some better way better algorithm to just deal with the problem of like finding some new artists um so here is the app it looks like tinder so basically you have your playlist in the playlist app which will be synced with spotify because yeah you just you logged in with your spotify so let's just create a new playlist so here i will just add it uh and then i can just name it like this so it's synced in spotify um and then i have this feed i swipe left uh yeah i can just see like i just swiped it to the right and then this song appears here in in the yeah in the playlist so now it's also synced to spotify so yeah and then i can swipe through similar songs from this song so i can get more recommendations based on it can share i can listen to spotify or i can remove from playlist so that's the main features that i have this feedback i have more and more songs which are recommended to me i can swipe left just like on tinder i can comment i can share it i can see trending tap in top left i can see following uh what i'm following and what is on repeat here then there are some recommendations um like yeah which i can get some filtering here find songs similar to this artist there are some advanced filters i can target bpm can target energy happiness target key i can select also these charts like target keys and all of that so that's pretty cool filtering it's not available on spotify for some reason and yeah i think that would be this app would be just a really amazing feature inside of spotify i don't know why they are not doing that but anyways try out this app so yeah just imagine you want to find some high energy select tempo i don't know something around that okay something similar to calvin harris and then you can also select key and then yeah you can just you can select more of songs probably it shouldn't be just calling hers but there will be some other artists and yeah you can just explore it so that's kind of really cool i think amazing filter dangerous explorer you can search for people here you can see your top tracks you can have suggestions who to follow you can see your top artists uh recent mean all time yeah um you can browse genres browse mod modes so similar to spotify discover but yeah it's just here i think it's much more focused on recommendations and finding similar similar music so that's cool and then of course you can follow people so you can go to some profile and tap follow you can also invite your friends here so you can just tap here to follow friends and then you can add people from your contact list then you can see what your friends are listening to and you know you will have some similar recommendations um you can while you're creating your account you can reserve your username you can add your profile picture and all of that um yeah so that's the idea and then yeah that's basically it of course you have all these playlists there are also some playlists synced um then there are playlists synced with spotify and so that's that um so then there is a profile then there are settings you have instagram discord you can set up recommendation settings invite friends provide feedback you can see how this works again choose a playlist from drop down to add songs to apply filters bpm so then you can discard new music based on your top artist tracks or selected genres and then it's really cool if you want to delete your account and you're not feeling not secure about your data then you can just have delete account so that's about it uh how this works so that's about that and then then you have your overview and your profile and so that's the app definitely give it a try i think it's a really nice idea i think this app is super new they just graduated y combinator just this year 2022 badge and i think already in the top charts of app store so that's amazing so yeah thank you for watching check out my youtube channel subscribe and see in the next videos

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