Do Crush Alert work if someone has a God mode in Gas app?

so do crash alert work if if the person has a god mode so what I mean here so first of all what a crush alerts so you can for 300 coins put your name in someone else's poll like it says in your crush poll and it says your name remains Secret so you just spend 300 coins and you put your name in someone else Paul but if that person uh in which ball you put yourself has a god mode it says they can reveal so Crush alert they can get notified when someone adds themselves to your pulse so like my question is if you have god mode and you spend 300 coins you put some yourself in the depo and that person also has God mode so they can reveal you but you also have a good muscle do you stay Anonymous or not I hope I hope yeah you stay anonymous because it says also in an anonymous uh like in the gold mode that you still send pulse hundred percent anonymously so hopefully that that can work um but yeah I'm not sure if if if you have a god mode your crush alerts are completely Secret

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