Do NGL messages DISAPPEAR? Is it a bug?

here's the angel in the box so do NGL messages disappear so is it the same as on be real where for example you have sent the message and then like you want for it to disappear after 24 hours so unfortunately it's not working like that so in case you send this message uh uh yeah it's it's not deletable and it doesn't disappear you can undo sending the message you can delete it after uh yeah it's not deleting itself in like in some time frame like 24 hours so the moment you send this anonymous question is there and it's not deletable and then someone can uncover You by upgraded to NGL Pro well for some people this is these the issues that they receive in jail notification but they just go to inbox and then there is no message uh it's like it's a known bug so a lot of users reporting it so it doesn't mean that the messages disappear it's just like some kind of a bug um so yeah if you got an angel notification then you rush to your inbox to see and then there is just no letter message like yeah so that's basically the issue here um it's a bug you can always go and tap I need help and just reach out to their support team I guess a lot of users who are watching my videos are reading my blog Mr hack.ios I just also reporting like what's going on I receiving notifications but there is no message uh so there you have it

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