Do you need an invite code for a second BlueSky account?

Do you need an invite code for a second BlueSky account?

In a recent video transcript, the question of whether one needs an invite code for a second or subsequent BlueSky account was raised. The user explains that they have already created an account on BlueSky and have acquired seven invite codes. However, they wonder if they would need a new invite code if they wanted to switch their account or create another one, similar to how it works on Twitter when creating separate accounts for businesses or brands.

According to the user's experience, it appears that creating a new account on BlueSky requires going through the entire process again, including the use of an invite code. This means that even if you already have an existing BlueSky account, you would still need another invite code for a secondary account, such as one for a company or brand.

However, the user also mentions that if you are already on BlueSky and have access to the platform, invite codes seem to be readily available. This suggests that most people who are already part of the BlueSky community already possess invite codes.

In conclusion, if you are considering creating a second BlueSky account, it seems that you would need another invite code. While this may seem inconvenient for those who already have an active BlueSky presence, it appears that acquiring invite codes should not be an issue for existing users.

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