Do you need Spotify Premium to use with BeReal music?

Do you need Spotify Premium to use with BeReal music?

In a recent video transcript, an individual was asked whether Spotify Premium is required to use with BeReal music. The person stated that they have Spotify Premium, but they don't believe that it is necessary to have a premium account to use BeReal. Even if you are using the free version of Spotify, you should still be able to connect it to BeReal and have it work for you.

The speaker mentioned that if you are listening to a song, it should be functional regardless of whether you have Spotify Premium or not. They also pointed out that in some other apps, such as Stationhead or other platforms where a large music library is required, having a premium service might be necessary. However, in the case of BeReal, it seems that a premium account is not mandatory.

It's important to note that although this individual's opinion suggests that Spotify Premium might not be necessary for BeReal, it's always advisable to refer to the official documentation or contact the support team for accurate and up-to-date information.

In conclusion, based on the video transcript, it appears that a premium account with Spotify may not be required to use the BeReal music platform. However, further research and confirmation from the relevant sources would be beneficial to obtain accurate information on the topic.

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