Do you need to have a Pemium subscription in X app to make Audio & Video calls?

In the X app, do you need to have a Premium subscription to make audio and video calls? According to a recent video transcript, it seems that while anyone can enable receiving audio and video calls for free, making a call yourself may require a premium subscription.

The transcript states that in X Twitter app, users can enable the audio and video call feature without having to pay anything. It appears that this option is available to everyone, allowing them to receive calls from other users who have enabled this functionality.

However, if you want to initiate a call yourself, the situation may be different. The transcript suggests that in order to make a call, you would need to be a premium subscriber. When attempting to start a call, a pop-up message would appear, informing you that a premium subscription is required.

While it is not explicitly mentioned in the transcript, it seems that accepting incoming audio and video calls does not require a premium subscription. This means that users who have enabled this feature can receive calls without any additional charge.

It is important to note that the information provided in the video transcript is based on the current state of the app. Tech companies often release updates and make changes to their apps and services, so it's always a good idea to consult the most up-to-date information from the app developer or through official sources.

In conclusion, if you are using the X app, it appears that you can receive audio and video calls for free without a premium subscription. However, if you wish to make a call yourself, a premium subscription may be required. It's recommended to check the app's official documentation or reach out to customer support for the most accurate and current information regarding premium features and subscriptions.

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