Does BeReal app notify if you take a screenshot?

so here's the question if if the real app notify if you take a screenshot of some interaction or someone else posts so basically if you open Beryl app um and then you you just want to you know like post it be real or just take a screenshot and stuff or you know stuff like that what I've discovered that's recently yep the person of who you take a screenshot that person will be notified um so yeah I think at this moment that person will receive a notification if you took a screen or be real screenshot of reaction and stuff like that I don't know all the details like if you just taken a screenshot of the photo or something like that how that that is working and yeah but that's basically the idea um so yeah I think uh the real app is is taking screenshots uh sorry you're taking screenshots and that person will be notified so there is no privacy in this sense if you have any other suggestions just leave it in the comments below but that's what I have found out in the Reddit and so yeah you can also Google that so there you have it

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