Does BeReal notify about Screenshots?

hello everyone so um the question is does be real notify screenshots um and i think yep uh at the moment i was reading a lot of reddit and all of that uh you can see that uh so how to see that basically uh on your post when you're posting this uh you can see uh so i have this my photos some weird photo anyways and then where you see this seven hour late uh text you see three dots so to the right of that if someone took a screenshot you will see the square bracket and then number so it can be 2 3 or something and then you can just tap on that and you will be able to see and reveal who took a screenshot so yeah that's basically the idea and then yeah yeah so something like that so if you take a photo or a screenshot of someone photo or then you just go to you can also go to to the photo itself and then you will see the that here it also says like two screenshots so from there you will be able to see who took the screenshot so the answer is yes be real notifies of screenshots if i took a screenshot right now or some other photo it it won't be telling to me that that person is notified but that person is notified so just for you to know this is how it works

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