Does Gas app have bots or fake flames? Thoughts..

here is just some thoughts like if gas app has bots so here you can see flames in the gas app that's basically if someone answered a ball about you like you can just see the gender and the grade here um but are you 100 sure that this person is your classmate and not a bot like because in this anonymous apps it's very common practice like just to have some fake account sending you like very real message because AI is becoming so Advanced these days of machine learning you really can't differentiate if it's like a real person or not with the message and if like someone is just waiting for you in the polls it's super easy just to that someone be a bot and then of course you just want to tap see who sent it and then uh of course you can even be prompted to upgrade but that person can be just a bot so of course all this like anonymous apps are really tempted tempting to use this kind of like a board technology because then even if they have like thousand users on the app they can send thousand bot questions and everyone will upgrade but hopefully it's not the case with the gas app so they clearly uh tile on their website that we are not sending Fake Messages so you can go to their FAQ section and it says our message is real every single poll you receive you send by your friends classmates or contacts will never have to generate messages so that's what they send of course in this kind of app on one hand it's easier to fake messages because there are no messages there are just Paul answers but on the other hand the community of the people you interact with on this app is pretty narrow so these are either like your classmates and you know them like in your grade you'll probably know people either that uh like people from your school still like you would still kind of would identify if that person is voting for you in the polls but you don't know who it is whatever in your school so the school can be like have like 100 members on a gas app so you clearly then can identify if there is no such person then it's a bot and it can be friends or friends it's it's a bit more complicated but still if you know you're receiving like a lot of Flames from this person and your friend doesn't know who that is nobody knows who that is then clearly it's a bot or something like that so it's pretty hard for the app developers here to fake it I'm not telling it's impossible but it's much harder for example in other apps like NGL where you just share your anonymous question on Instagram story and everyone on internet can work for you or like can send you message it's super easy to to send a message from bot because it can be any personal internet but here uh like as I understand it should be someone you already kind of know or at least your friend a friend so that's why probably they instantly say on their website we don't send fake messages but who knows like anything can happen even if they tell that you can't trust 100 of course but this is just my thoughts uh I hope this is a good app if you have any other ideas about it just leave it in the comments

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