Does GAS app send FAKE FLAMES? Thoughts..

so does God's apps and fake Flames so if I go to the guys app and I tap on inbox I see this notification someone sent me a flame okay it's unavailable but usually you will see something like that and of course you don't know who sent it to you you just see the gender and the great like a girlfriend that's a great boy you know nice or whatever just an example and then like um can it be fake here can it be AI bot message so um they clearly acknowledge in in their help section that they don't send fake messages so you can just go to their website um is that so here you can ah the message is real every single port you receive is sent by your friends classmaster contacts you will never send out the generated messages so that's at least what they say on their website it's just a matter do you trust them or not um I don't know like seems the team behind this app is very well known and Silicon Valley it's like uh Founders who sold their apps to Facebook and they have some kind of reputation I don't think they will so openly risk it and then just put this statement and because user effect messages here it at some point it will be revealed so I'm not sure if they will completely risk their reputation just over this but that's that's what we know so far it's just the matter do you trust them or not of course other apps in this category where they have this Anonymous voting and all of that so for example NGL app that there are also been Rumors in the very beginning there are fake messages and Angel didn't say anything they didn't disclose anything they just said there are some messages and that's it but in the end like I think in the court or something they were forced to disclose and now if there is a fake message you see in the bottom son of his love from Tim and Zhao which basically means that this is uh like AI bot question um so yeah this is just another app it's it's not similar to Gaza app but it has like anonymous questions for you which you share over Instagram stories but yeah like here now they have clearly study that you can enable these bot messages or disable them but before this the app existed for a while and there were a lot of fake messages and the worst thing is like you've seen this fake message it wasn't clear if it's fake or not because AI technology is so good and then you just were prompted to upgrade and similar as on gas app you needed to upgrade like to see who sent it and then you need to pay like some dollars per per week so it's pretty expensive and then you can discover that probably it's just some just some bad question but it's much harder to fake it in the gas app because ultimately these are just uh questions from uh uh can be friends or friends or your schoolmates or people from your school so if you constantly receive some fake Flames from like some people you don't even know like you can reveal the full name and you constantly reveal and you don't even know who that people are and they are not in your class they are not in your school and they're not friends of your friends in the end it will be pretty easy to reveal that these are just like some bad questions um I think so in in this in this app it's I think it would be pretty hard to to fake all the time so yes this is just some thoughts I I don't know like what do you guys think if you have any other ideas just leave them in the comments

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