Does God mode make you anonymous in Gas app?

so does God mode make you Anonymous on guest app yep kind of but you need to know one little trick so if you enable God mode um you can answer pause um like easy Sports and uh something like that and then people won't be able to see that you answered this ball but the thing is to be completely sure you still need to do one thing so just go to edit profile go to manage account and then here if you have a good mod I don't have it right now but I did have it so then uh you just have like an anonymous mode toggle here and before answering the polls you just need to First go here and tap this toggle make me Anonymous and then you will be in a ghost mode so that's like a ghost mode and then you can answer pause if you don't enable that ghost mode and you continue answering pulse even if it's a with a god mode you will be still visible so to make you completely Anonymous you need to do one additional action after upgrading to God mode this is a bit annoying but that's what it is

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