Does NGL APP SEND FAKE QUESTIONS? Some thoughts and analysis

so here is ngl app and doesn't gel apps and fake questions so this is the main concern with this app uh and let's just think about it so basically here is my inbox i can just show uh some of the questions here so this is how it looks like and like for some of these links i didn't post like i didn't share these links so so much like so i posted it on in my instagram story okay like some 50 friends in it and then i got some replies there and yeah some of them i could see they were like real because i probably recognized some friends like writing style and stuff like that but then probably i also made some youtube videos people seen my link and yeah but then i was like where i'm getting all these questions like and they seem you know they seem a bit unrealistic like nobody i don't know my friends who will write kind of this style and yeah stuff like that so basically there is this article in techcrunch and they also did some experiment um and techcrunch also recently tested ngl app and then we copied the provided short links into instagram stories that was only live for a merry moment before we took it down it tricked the apps into thinking we were now awaiting anonymous questions a few hours laters later questions supposedly from real people from france appeared in the apps respective inboxes but in reality no one had seen the link long enough to get like you know a lot of replies um so there you have it um [Music] so if you just look also so for keywords uh for about what the people are searching with ngl app you can see that a lot of people searching for fake questions and all of that and then uh also like five star reviews are also quite suspect um so that's that and then you would say okay great like but how can they fight these questions if you if inside the app you have this like you know uh button who sends this and you can unlock it for 9.99 in the cents for 9.99 and you will be like if i can unlock it and see like uh the real uh person how they can lie about it because supposedly i can see the real instagram username and then i can ask my friend like but the thing is if you even upgrade um you're not seeing the username you're just seeing stuff like some location and ip address so that's what you can see there and that's that's the whole idea um [Music] so that's how it works and then like this app can say that someone from new york on iphone sent you this message and you will never know if it's a bot or not um so i still i don't know i don't know guys like what do you think if there are fake questions or not so and this app is also quite popular in asia and uh uh so at the moment there you have it there are a lot of complaints in the reviews in the app store people are also noticing that some of the questions are pretty fake and there are there is also a growth of apps like chai app or some other apps where you're chatting but you're chatting with ai bots and you can see that ai technology is becoming really really good the algorithms are amazing and the whole that's the whole point that like these days if if these are like short phrases or something like that it's really really hard to distinguish if it's real or not especially in a chat where there is just like a text message if you will be shown like two messages from the real person or from the from the bot you won't be able to distinguish and even like having a chat sometimes the quality is becoming higher and higher so they're training the model and it's it's becoming really good so seems like why uh who you would think like so the developer created this app and obviously you know to get more engagement the main thing to do is just to get people more messages so if you're not getting any anonymous questions like then uh you're not happy but if you just posted a story and you got like five questions and like you know 30 friends you watch this and you're getting like five questions that's like a lot you're thinking that you have a lot of interaction and engagement with your friends but in fact probably maybe they're just using some ai technology just like these bots for maybe like 30 20 percent of of that but yeah i'm i'm not sure this is just like a subjective slot but of course this can be like a gross tool for them to really skyrocket the users usage of the app because again if you go to app store reviews people are quite suspicious because the questions seem unnatural and all of that so that's basically how it works yeah so that's the idea so that's the app um yeah so hope you you have some overview of it other than that the app is very well designed it's very well built it's where it has very nice design and minimalistic and it works well with instagram no box not of that and you can definitely have fun with your friends and yeah so try it out but if you're receiving out of nowhere like 10 questions just don't don't be sure that these are like your real friends who sound those like my maybe it's it's not exactly like that also go read this techcrunch article pretty interesting so yeah hope that is helpful

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