Does NGL send bot messages?

so does ngl apps and port questions this is this is a question a lot of people asking doesn't just have bought messages and the answer is yes and recently they even introduced this feature inside of ngl app so when you tap on some on some message here in the bottom it says send with love from team ngr what does it mean it means that this message was sent by nglbot or ngl algorithm it's not a real person so just watch out and when you see this message send this law from team ngl it means it's just out of generated blood question so like one month ago or something there were no this messages and all like people were super confused because you can't distinguish either is a what question is or it's exam question message from your friend so that's basically and some other questions they don't have this so if you don't see any message means probably it was sent by the real person but yes i said before it wasn't clearly distinguished by ngl app and people were super confused now i think there was some chord filing or something like that even uh i was writing this on techcrunch and then ngl just decided to clearly identify where they the messages were generated by bots and wired by real users hope it clarified this issue for you

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