Does Snapchat+ subscription remove ads?

so here is Snapchat and they have a new update which is called Snapchat Plus here you can upgrade for 3.99 per month cents per month and you can get some additional uh features but does does it remove ads unfortunately no so Snapchat Plus even if you upgrade there is no ads removal uh it's so it's not like YouTube premium it's not like um you know Twitter blue or something as I guess so in YouTube premium for example you pay monthly subscription and then you don't see YouTube ads so that's the main offer and then you also have some additional features you can use here it's only additional features and also you can keep cool new features before anyone else so you'll have access to some new features before anyone else so that's that um but unfortunately it doesn't remove ads and a lot of people are complaining about it in app reviews on App Store that recently Snapchat is pushing just so many ads that you will just watch like you know three seconds of video and five second of commercial and it's becoming really annoying and there is no way around it at this moment I guess because you know Snapchat is pushing really hard to to improve their metrics because I wasn't reading in TechCrunch there like uh monthly active users number was stagnating a bit during the recent period so they're just looking for new ways to to monetize and to bring in some Revenue so yep that's basically that um um so that's the idea um so I hope uh you like it so if you like these features definitely give a try to Snapchat Plus

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