DOUBBLE DATING APP - full overview & how to use?

here's double dating apps social dating with friends let's just go through some quick overview um yeah this app is getting some traction it's hitting top charts in some European countries so the idea of it is that let's just reiterate why bother going on an awkward date double date with your friends team up with your friends meet new people suggest fund local experiences so the idea is that if you are a bit shy or you just don't like to going on like single dates like these unknown people sometimes it's just a better First Step it's just to take your friend with you and then other pair is also taken friend uh and then yeah maybe you have more experienced friend or you just feel more safe like that uh so that's basically it uh and then you're just taking your friend and then you just go on this double day and then uh you can have like even a double match so if you and a person match plus your friend matches your friend Double match so double chat uh if for the four of you got in a group chat uh uh so and also there is a feature called my10 you choose your circle of friends we call it my 10 demo friends the more double matches you can get so there you have it and then you just open the app you create your account and here's how it works and then you can just like or don't like someone you just send photos you can see how many friends each one has then you have chats uh you can continue to swipe or you can just search by username and then just add friends here like that just by username or you can invite them then there is your profile you just continue your profile just add some photos I just created like a test profile here and I can add some friends here I can have some settings so that's all of this stuff you can do for free no need to upgrade um edit profile just add more photos add a bio at a job at a city as as yes yeah so that's basically it something like that so yeah hope yeah so that's basically it uh interesting concept uh there are a lot of interesting dating apps these days because some people are not that satisfied with Tinder so people are looking for new experiences new opportunities a bit different angles to date and life especially in Europe is there is a lot of focus like on different types of dating so this apps are grown really in the top charts so definitely give it a try maybe it's not that popular in your ass maybe it's even like it a bit weird in some other parts of the world but for example in Denmark like people yeah it's quite popular just going to double date at least like the first date and then if you figure out that you're not the right person you can just go alone so that's it

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