DRAW ON THE PHOTOS in LOCKET WIDGET? Widgetshare alternative app

hello so in locket widget app can you draw on the on the photos so the answer is no you can you can just send live photos like also the question is there is another app which is called noted here you can draw you can draw your notes notes uh so that's really cool but but you can't send photos so if you didn't know there is an app which just allows you to do both things so here is like a widget this app is called features share so it does exactly the same thing so for example here is some of my photo and then i can just tap on the brush in the top top right and then i can just you know uh just either add some [Music] notes also i can add text i don't know if i can drag it around seems i can't just drag it around which is a bit weird and then i know i can of course so that's pretty cool and then i can just tap save and says basically and then tap send and after that my widget will be updated and you will see this picture on your on your friends home home screen so that's cool yeah the one thing this like this user interface is a bit complicated there are a lot of you know widget id so it might be a bit confusing for people like how to use this app or what like yeah exactly how to get around this app but basically yeah it just does the same thing as locate widget or noted so consider it it's amazing app

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